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patternp20 patternp20
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 12:13
Re: En Rota. El buen trabajo y ellos... #1
The 4 Crucial Beliefs Of Successful Investors
If you don’t believe in yourself as an investor and have absolute faith in your methodology, trading the markets will be like trying to nail Jello to the wall.

We use to joke that my high school buddy, Brian Maxwell, was a force of nature – so much so that the weather would follow him wherever he went. In truth, it was his beliefs that fueled his behavior. Brian was a world-class marathon runner. When he created PowerBar, he believed beyond the shadow of a doubt that its formulation would allow him to break through the inevitable 21-mile wall that all runners hit in a marathon race. His absolute belief in his PowerBar formulation allowed him to aggressively run to 21 miles knowing he would blast through “the wall”. The faith he had in his methodology facilitated his near-evangelical zeal as he pedaled PowerBars out of his van at numerous race events. His beliefs resulted in the building of a 300-person company that he eventually sold to Nestle for $375 million.
Ask yourself this: what do you believe?
Similar to my friend Brian, I know that my beliefs in four crucial areas determine how my trading profits will stack up at the end of the year. These are the four “touchstones” I ask myself each week:
Do I still believe 100% in the methodology I have written down in my trading plan?
Do I believe I still have the ability to control my emotions and produce the appropriate behavior necessary to trade the market?
Is my faith in my tools and indicators still unwavering such that I can confidently risk my capital based on their readings?
Do I still believe in the “law of probabilities” and that by consistently executing my system, I’ll earn a profit?
In embracing these four beliefs, I see myself as part trapeze artist and part quarterback. As a trapeze artist, I am able to let go of the bar trusting that a partner will be there to catch me; as quarterback, I throw the ball to X believing that the receiver will be where he should be. My beliefs become my trading partners.
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In my experience, it’s been uncanny how my beliefs and my ability to envision certain outcomes – both athletically and professionally – have contributed to events becoming reality.
Bottomline: As an investor, you must be intimately in tune with your beliefs at all times and be aware of those symptoms that might suggest your beliefs are drifting off course. Understanding your own beliefs about investing will empower you to produce consistent profits in a manner no other personal attribute can do.
In his Market Wizards books, Jack Swagger interviews an outstanding collection of renowned investors, traders and money managers. The single most common thread that each mentions as being a major contributor to their success is their money management skills.

The challenge is to understand what they mean by money management. The internet is full of definitions, ranging from simplistically useless to overly complex and potentially harmful. In past years, I’ve surveyed my classes for their personal definitions. On two separate occasions a decade apart, we constructed in class definitions that I believe accurately capture what these market wizards meant when they attributed their success to their money management skills.
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What both groups of the investors I surveyed agreed upon was the notion that money management is a process. In its most basic form, it involves setting goals, getting organized and executing a written investing plan. Both groups also agreed that money management is very personal and individualistic in nature. It will change over time as the investor’s needs shift, but honesty and candor are essential ongoing ingredients in any effective written money management plan.
My first investor group formulated a money management process consisting of 8 issues constructed as questions that challenged each individual investor to answer in writing in a manner most appropriate for him or herself.
How do you get your money? What are the sources of your cash flow and are they dependable or variable?
How do you feel about money? Did you inherit your wealth and see money management as a burden or part of your lifestyle? What is your tolerance for risk?
Where do you move your money? What percentage of your assets are you comfortable placing in various asset baskets? Do you see yourself as an investor, a trader or a watcher?
How do you move your money? What are your investment analysis routines and which trading methodology do you employ?
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Why do you move your money? How will you decide it’s time to invest?
How do you protect your money? What sell disciplines do you have in place? Have you adequately insured yourself and your family to protect all your assets?
How do you spend your money? What are your lifestyle priorities? How much money will you invest, spend and distribute?
When will you spend your money?

Ruper54 Ruper54
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  • Just can't stay away
  • Posted on: 2022/12/3 17:10
En Rota. El buen trabajo y ellos... #2
Acerca del fontanero rota, es decir, del mejor profesional con que se pueda contar para emergencias, hay bastante para señalar, por ejemplo, se trata de un profesional que asiste a quienes lo necesiten las 24 horas del día, con la certeza de estar brindando siempre lo mejor. Esto es real y cada uno de nosotros debería contar con estos datos; uno nunca sabe cuándo se requerirá de este servicio.

Aramis77 Aramis77
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  • Just can't stay away
  • Posted on: 2022/11/30 23:50
Especialistas en negocios inteligentes.- #3
Hola. Pues hablamos de los 4 o 5 especialistas en negocios inteligentes más cotizados en la actualidad. Este sí que es un tema que atrapa, saber cómo, de qué manera y en cuál área específica se desarrollan los proyectos más importantes en inteligencia artificial. Si este es vuestro interés, definitivamente debes revisar estos contenidos.

Aramis77 Aramis77
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  • Just can't stay away
  • Posted on: 11/24 6:25
Detectar el abuso emocional y proceder en consecuencia #4
Sin duda alguna, este es uno de los temas ocupa mayor atención. Y es que todo lo relacionado con el abuso emocional es asunto colectivo, pues hay que combatirlo con todo lo que se tenga a la mano como herramienta conceptual, jurídica y afectiva. Esta web explica en detalle lo que se debe hacer y cómo actuar ante la detección de un episodio vinculado al abuso.

Aramis77 Aramis77
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  • Just can't stay away
  • Posted on: 11/21 5:57
La apertura inmobiliaria. Más que deseada.- #5
Esta es una de las recomendaciones más importante que nos podamos encontrar en la redes, me refiero a la tarea que hace la Inmobiliaria San Vicente, una empresa que en lo personal y familiar, nos ha dado más que buenas noticias y caminos, me refiero a soluciones de alto valor. Dejo acá algunas coordenadas para llegar con ellos, os aseguro que la solución a vuestro requerimiento está allí, fresco, bueno y directo.

patternp20 patternp20
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 11/19 4:39
Habits exist to save our brains effort #6
Habits exist to save our brains effort
“Habits, scientists say, emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort. Left to its own devices, the brain will try to make almost any routine into a habit, because habits allow our minds to ramp down more often.”
Biologically, we form habits to save energy, so anything we do regularly will become a habit.
Cue, routine, reward
“This is how new habits are created: by putting together a cue, a routine, and a reward, and then cultivating a craving that drives the loop.”
“Cravings are what drive habits. And figuring out how to spark a craving makes creating a new habit easier.”
Habits are a simple action loop that consists of a cue, a routine, and a reward. For example, waking up in the morning might be the cue that drives the routine of brushing our teeth, which yields the reward of having a clean and refreshed feeling in our mouth. The habit loop is driven by cravings. For instance, we might crave the feeling a clean and refreshed mouth, which will lead us to go through the routine of brushing our teeth when we get the cue of waking up. To understand and change our existing habits, in addition to creating new ones, it’s essential we understand the cue, routine, reward habit loop.
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The Golden Rule
“The Golden Rule of Habit Change: You can’t extinguish a bad habit, you can only change it.”
Habits are hard-wired into our brains. So while it would be nice to be able to erase this hard-wiring, it’s not possible. So we have to be intentional about changing our bad habits into good ones, rather than focusing on eliminating the bad ones from our system.
How to change habits
“Rather, to change a habit, you must keep the old cue, and deliver the old reward, but insert a new routine. That’s the rule: If you use the same cue, and provide the same reward, you can shift the routine and change the habit. Almost any behavior can be transformed if the cue and reward stay the same.”
“However, to modify a habit, you must decide to change it. You must consciously accept the hard work of identifying the cues and rewards that drive the habits’ routines, and find alternatives. You must know you have control and be self-conscious enough to use it”
If we want to change our habits, we should keep the cue and reward the same, but change the routine. For example, imagine that we smoke a cigarette every time we drink coffee in the morning. The coffee is the cue, smoking a cigarette is the routine, and the high we get from the cigarette is the reward.

To change this behavior, we need to first consciously choose to do so and then identify the cues and rewards around the routine we would like to change. For instance, we can replace the smoking a cigarette routine with something else when we drink our morning coffee. We might, for example, do a short exercise routine after we drink our coffee that releases endorphins and gives us a high that feels as good as the high from cigarettes.
توصيات الذهب

Keystone habits
“…some habits have the power to start a chain reaction, changing other habits as they move through an organization. Some habits, in other words, matter more than others in remaking businesses and lives.”
“Keystone habits transform us by creating cultures that make clear the values that, in the heat of a difficult decision or a moment of uncertainty, we might otherwise forget.”
Keystone habits are habits that have the power to change habits in other areas of our lives. For instance, exercise is a keystone habit. When we start exercising regularly, we often start doing other healthy behaviors naturally. If you get done with a good workout, instead of grabbing the usual cheeseburger and french fries, we’re more likely to grab a healthier snack, such as a protein shake.
We also are more likely to get better sleep and feel happier due to the endorphins that are released from exercise. Collectively, these changes will likely make us more successful in our personal and professional lives. If you want to improve your life, identifying keystone habits that move you in the direction you want to go is a great way to do so.
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The importance of agency
“When people are asked to do something that takes self-control, if they think they are doing it for personal reasons—if they feel like it’s a choice or something they enjoy because it helps someone else—it’s much less taxing. If they feel like they have no autonomy, if they’re just following orders, their willpower muscles get tired much faster.”
“Simply giving employees a sense of agency—a feeling that they are in control, that they have genuine decision-making authority—can radically increase how much energy and focus they bring to their jobs.”
If we need to do something that requires self-control, our sense of agency has an important role in how taxing that activity is on our brains. For activities we feel that we have chosen, it requires less willpower to accomplish the activity
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Sasuke Sasuke
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 11/18 21:07
Aviator games #7
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Sasuke Sasuke
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  • Posted on: 11/18 21:06
Aviator games #8
Hi guys. I tried different slots in the casino, but they all seemed strange to me. It takes a long time to figure them out. But I liked aviator game png. Everything is simple and straightforward. And a lot depends on you, not on chance.

Solucionar Solucionar
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 11/15 16:08
Solucionario #9
Me han recomendado la web descargar el solucionario matemáticas 1 ESO de la editorial Anaya que contiene información muy importante sobre ejercicios, problemas, actividades y exámenes resueltos sobre las matemáticas de 1 de la Educación Secundaria Obligatoria.

Este libro de soluciones me está siendo muy útil, ya que estoy entendiendo mucho mejor las matemáticas y sus fórmulas. Gracias a esta web, veo las mates de manera distinta y me estan empezando a gustar mucho .

Los enlaces están divididos por temas en PDF para que todos los alumnos o profesores puedan acceder a la unidad que necesite más cómodamente.

Aramis77 Aramis77
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  • Just can't stay away
  • Posted on: 11/15 4:16
B2B. De esas soluciones que monetizan.- #10
Hola a todos…
Cada vez que realizo un arqueo en la web, en búsqueda de la mejor agencia de marketing digital, aparece una y otra vez el nombre agencia de marketing B2B. Me di a la tarea de ver cuáles son sus atributos y de verdad quedé sorprendido. Su triada laboral historia, performancia y control del contenido creado, hacen que sea distinto. Son pioneros en muchas estrategias y desde luego, todo esto se traduce en una mayor eficiencia. Así se hacen las cosas, formando talento y marcando la diferencia.


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